The History of the Flower Posy

The flower posy has been around since medieval times and was often given as a gift from a man to a woman to convey a message of love and adoration. Women would reply to the men, either confirming their feelings of love or rejecting the suitor by making one of their own. Here is a brief history of the posy:

  • Choosing the right posy. People would scour flower fields to select the right flower and colour to use in the bouquet. Red and pink flowers, such as roses and chrysanthemums, were often used as a sign of love, while white flowers, such as lilies, were given for sympathy.
  • Putting it all together. Once they have suitable flowers, they remove any remaining foliage and arrange the flowers by size and colour. They often used greenery to break up the colour pallet so that it isn’t overwhelming in both scent and hues.
  • Change over time. While back in medieval times, posies were small enough for women to wear in their hair and for men to attach to their shirts, they tend to be bigger now.


Benefits of a Fresh Flower Posy

Did you know that a fresh flower posy doesn’t only convey an emotional message but can be good for the recipient’s mental health as well? Studies have been conducted all over the world on the effects of fresh flowers in one’s home and how it affects one’s mood. Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of when purchasing a fresh posy from us:

  • Reduce stress. When you come home from a long day at work and want to unwind, the scent of our fresh flowers can assist with reducing your stress levels.
  • Boosts one’s mood. Studies show that flowers can elevate your mood in an instant, as they bring you closer to nature, and the gift makes you feel valued and appreciated.
  • Add to your home’s aesthetics. You can further enhance your home’s decor and attract people’s attention to a specific part of your home by adding one of our bouquets to the area.


Why Trust Us When It Comes to Posies

At Flowers On Pollen, we know the essential role flowers can play in your relationships and in conveying special messages. We take extra care when we put our posies together and ensure each one has a special meaning.

If you want to send a posy of the recipient’s favourite flowers, contact us for assistance.