It truly sucks when you forget special days! We've all been there—missing an anniversary, a birthday, or milestone, only to feel the guilt and stress of disappointing our loved ones. Flowers On Pollen created this reminder service to help you avoid those heart-wrenching moments and instead foster moments of joy, delight and connection.

With "Forget Me Not," you’ll receive gentle reminders for important dates and thoughtful gift suggestions, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to make your loved ones feel loved.


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No Obligation, Just Genuine Help

Forget me not

Flowers On Pollen "Forget Me Not" is designed with you in mind. This is not a subscription service, and there’s no obligation to purchase anything from us. Our initiative is born from a genuine desire to help you remember and celebrate the special moments in your life.

We provide this service because we care about helping you stay connected with your loved ones. Whether you decide to purchase a gift from us, or simply send a heartfelt message, our priority is to support you in making every special day memorable.

A spouse remembering an anniversary, tracking family birthdays, remembering to show your mum some love on mothers day... Use "Forget Me Not" to ensure you never forget the moments that matter most—without any pressure or strings attached. We're here to help you show your love and appreciation in the best way possible.